Alex Band in Brazil

Alex Band’s most recent tour was in Brazil.  I’m not sure whether or not it’s finished but he was able to do an interview with Epoca SP.  Here’s an excerpt:

How is this new chapter of your career?

Alex: Well now that I am finally free of the record label that was holding me back, this new chapter is going great! I have so much freedom to do whatever I want, it is very empowering. It is only the beginning though, I am working very hard to get my solo album out worldwide. I am signing with a major label now for international, and in America I will be releasing this and all my future albums on my own independent label.

How did the duets with Yasmin Gontijo, Gabriela Spanic and Emmy Rossum come to be?

Alex: These duets all came through friends in the music business. Emmy Rossum sings a track on my upcoming solo album and I have worked with her in past on songs for her album and live shows singing Opera together. She is the girlfriend of one of my very good friends in the music business. Gabriella Spanic came to me through another friend named Frederico Lapenda. He is a business man from Recife, Brazil who is a film producer, concert promoter and manager. He hooked Gabriella and I up so I could write and produce her new album…it’s coming out great! And Yasmin was introduced to me by my Brazilian/American friend Michele who is also in the music promotion business, she did a tour with me through Brazil last year. I just worked today with Yasmin in the studio on our duet song. She is a very very talented artist and our song together is amazing. It will be coming out as a single on her new album, due out in Brazil later this year.


And a reminder: If you still haven’t got yourself an autographed copy of Alex’s new single, get one now!  It cost $ 6.00 (around Php 300.00) without shipping fee.  If you’re interested, please contact Lucky at  You can read about it here.


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